copenhagen summer food

I've been cooking a lot more at home thanks to my Aarstiderne box, but I've still managed to get out to eat with friends a fair amount. I'd say my dining out habits tend towards either 1) whatever burger place also has sweet potato fries and 2) vegan/vegetarian places. 

Pancake stack, Souls, Melchior Plads 3, Østerbro, Copenhagen - you can definitely make these at home for a lot cheaper, but I haven't yet mastered a good chocolate sauce.

When it's really hot, I always try to have a big bag of cherries (1 kilo purchased for 25 dkk at my local market on Frederikssundvej) or grapes in my freezer. A handful make a quick, cooling snack.

Of all of the Trader Joe's products out there, I consistently ask family members to bring their chili lime salt when they come and visit. I'm obsessed. It's amazing on grilled meat but it shines when sprinkled on top of fresh mango. 

Mahalle is tucked away on Nørrebro's Birkegade, and you'll be tightly squeezed into their space, but they have delicious turkish/lebanese food for very reasonable prices. The halloumi 'salad' with avocado, pomegranate, hummus, and mint, split between two people, with a few side dishes (citrus salad, grilled peppers with walnuts, olives & za'tar) is a refreshingly different lunch.

Brunch at Djuus - oatmeal with date caramel, goat cheese and pickled vegetables, tuna salad, skyr with roasted muesli, raw snickers bar, ham & olives, bean salad