august was:

'indian summer' and the resulting rush to islands brygge to get as many jumps into the harbor in as possible.

volunteering at trailerpark festival with a cold, which meant i missed most of the major acts i was excited to see, but i still got some bartending in and generally enjoyed being around up and coming acts, graffiti, installations,  and technology (and one fan-girl moment of seeing silvana iman walk by me twice)

a short trip to sweden and a generally sweet week spent with a visiting group from stanford.

copenhagen's never-ending list of random street parties and outdoor pop-up hygge

a visit to warpigs for some bbq, endless fountain soda, and the added bonus of watching people get tattooed in a restaurant

a few late nights in classic form wandering around dronning louise's bro and enjoying the slowly dwindling summer nights.

on to fall...